T H E   K I R K   O F   D U N E D I N   C O M M U N I T Y   C H U R C H

"T H E   G R A N D   D U C H E S S"


T E R R Y  C H A R L E S

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T H E   P I P E   O R G A N   O F   T H E   K I R K   O F   D U N E D I N

Resounding within the modern gothic arches of  The Kirk of Dunedin Community Church in Dunedin, Florida,  is one of the great orchestral/theatre styled pipe organs in the world.  Designed and assembled by Terry Charles, internationally renowned Curator Of  The Organ, it comprises wind chests and pipes from various historic instruments.  It  is unique in source, installation and variety of voices. The world famous organ is heard in concert by thousands each season, and enjoys its appropriate title, "The Grand Duchess."

The Sanctuary of The Kirk Of Dunedin was designed architecturally and acoustically with music from a grand pipe organ in mind.  Likewise, the pipe organ chambers, which house a multitude of pipes, are of special design and construction to allow the organ's voices to "bloom" into magnificent music.  The pipe organ contains more than a million solder connections, hundreds of thousands of parts and miles and miles of copper wire.

The magnificent four manual ebony and gold leaf all electric console was designed and built by Terry Charles.  Greatly increased in versatility and capacity in 1998, the "horseshoe" features an array of  THREE HUNDRED SEVEN  stop tabs which virtually surround the organist.  A creation in itself, the console is one of the largest in the world.  Almost eight feet wide, it features more than one hundred ten combination pistons and a solid state combination system with multiple memory levels.  The console rests upon a platform of oak hardwood and steel.  It is easily moved, from its normal worship position within the choir loft, to the hydraulic lift and its concert position in the center of the Chancel.

The console controls the "brain center," a unique system of state of the art electronics.  This system operates the vast array of ONE HUNDRED ranks, or organ voices, and genuine orchestral percussions.  The compliment of percussions include xylophone, two sets of cathedral chimes, glockenspiel, twin celested chrysoglotts, metal and wood harps, harpsichord (digital) and two (yes, TWO!!) Baldwin concert grand pianos.  These are joined by a full complement of actual drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments.  Indeed, the Grand Duchess is the "ORCHESTRAL ORGAN"!

The Kirk Pipe Organ is "crowned" by the "FESTIVAL TRUMPETS EN CHAMADE" above the elegant organ facade and below the faceted glass rose window.  Designed by Terry Charles and displayed in horizontal fashion, each trumpet pipe is hand made of solid spun brass.  These trumpets provide inspiring visual beauty as well as a joyful and festive sound.

The Kirk Organ Series is certainly the largest series of theatre style pipe organ concerts in the world.  The series presents thirty one concerts each season.  More than EIGHT HUNDRED formal concerts have been presented since they began as an extension of the music ministry from the church to the community.

TERRY CHARLES, innovative Curator of the Grand Duchess, is the featured artist on the concert series.  He is acclaimed one of the world's leading theatre organ preservationists.  He recently performed his SIX HUNDREDTH  concert on the Kirk Organ Series, an amazing feat and perhaps something of a world record in itself !  

Among the world class concert organists appearing on the Kirk Organ Series throughout the years are:  Virgil Fox,  George Wright,  Diane Bish,  Hector Olivera,  Richard Leibert,  Carlo Curley,  Nicholas Martin,  Phil Kelsall,  Barry Baker,  Rob Richards,  Christian Elliott,  Robert Wolfe,  Raymond Bohr,  Rex Koury,  Larry Ferrari,  Billy Nalle,  Ashley Miller,  Peter Conte,  Heath Wooster,  Rosemary Bailey,  David Higgs,  Joyce Jones,  Donna Parker,  Ken Double,  Paul Oakley,  Fred Davies,  George Wesner,  Stan Kann, Tom Hazelton,  Patti Simon,  Kiyo Watanabe,  Russell Holmes,  Richard Grant,  Eddie Weaver,  Helen Dell,  Stephen Distad,  Mildred Alexander,  Rosa Rio,  Searle Wright,  Eddie Ford,  Ann Leaf,  Don Baker,  Lee Irwin,  John Giacci  and  Bene Hammel.

Come to Florida!  Hear Its Best Kept Pipe Organ Secret !!

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